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Bringing it all together

As with any artisanal practice there are multiple elements that combine to fuel my work and develop my craft and art. From researching & writing on the textiles of the "Meibutsu-Gire" to experimenting with unusual materials such as leather in my "Series G" range and exploring surface decoration with my 2023 "Cloud-Gire" collection. 


Research & writing

I research and write on the "Meibutsu-Gire": famed and. named textiles of Cha-no-yu. Exploring their construction; colour evolution; famous names with associated owners and dogu; pattern and meaning; history and world-wide connections and routes to their current place in the tea world. 


A Thrice Named Brocade

Voted the favourite research article of 2022 by Patreon Patrons, "A Thrice Named Brocade" was my first publicly released article. It explores the three different names and origin stories behind this sensational, ancient and gold laden textile, one of the "Meibutsu-Gire". 


Making your Shifuku

The path to your bespoke shifuku begins with a design consultation. Preferably a video call, though discussion over email or messaging service is also possible. We'll view your piece and I may ask for additional photos so that I can create your measuring guide. No need to send your precious dogu round the world, most items can be done remotely with you taking the measurements for me. We'll explore ideas and choose fabrics along with lining and himo colours to finish off the piece. 


Choosing a fabric 

Whatever item of textile dogu you're looking for, the key element is the fabric. I have an ever expanding collection of fabrics to choose from or I can source something specifically for you. Some people already have a fabric in mind, or perhaps a special item of clothing, a collected or antique textile. With some exceptions dependant on the item you wish to have made, most things are possible, though some may require special handling and preparation. 

Desgin consultatin

Himo & cords

I hand-make all my himo, tsubari (gathering stitch cord for attaching the himo) and other cords such as those for the Samū Chatsubo. With over 300 colour shades to choose from the options for matching, harmonising or contrasting are wide open. I also do 2, 3 and 4 way coloured himo, my signature "shot" himo and artistic melange options. Where needed, I can also adjust the thickness of himo to suite petit pieces. 


I often get asked about replacing old or broken himo or tsubari on old shifuku. This is only occasionally possible and depends on a variety of factors including the condition of the shifuku. Please send pictures when enquiring and be prepared to send your shifuku for evaluation. 


Textile dogu

There's more to the world of textile dogu than Shifuku. I also make:

  • Kobukusa 

  • Obukusa

  • Sukiya-bukuro

  • Shino-bukuro

  • Chawan shifuku

  • Chashaku pouch

  • Otsu-bukuro

  • Chabako shifuku

  • Cloths and cords for the Samū Chatsubo

  • Storage shifuku

  • Support fillers for shifuku & storage

I'm always open to exploring new ideas so if you have something in mind please get in touch to explore ideas. 


"Cloud-Gire" collection

A one-off, unique collection of textils for cha-no-yu. 

My "Cloud-Gire" collection draws on elements of my research, making and chashitsu-studio space. It also poses questions aroudn how we value textile items in the wold of cha-no-yu. 


Leather shifuku

Leather shifuku are becoming signature, statement pieces of work and the collectors items of the future. Made with the finest, softest nappa leathers they are the most sensually sublime pieces to use. Totally unique and unlike any other shifuku you'll ever use. 

Later in 2023 I'll be launching the extra special commissionable line of leather shifuku "Series G". 

It all begins with a chat

Whatever your idea, whatever you would like to have made, it all begins with a chat so get in touch and let's make something beautiful and unique, together. 





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