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How does it work?

What are your prices?

As each piece I make is a bespoke creation I do not publish a price list. Each December I release the new price guide for the following year via the mailing list. So make sure you're signed up!

I offer a small selection of pre-made pieces on Etsy which will help to give you an idea of prices. 

Where can I see the fabrics you have?

Because the Studio Shifuku fabric collections are constantly growing and evolving I have found it best to explore fabrics during the design consultation rather than create digital catalogues. This is always a fun process that my clients particularly enjoy as we learn about what you like and explore the many exciting and interesting fabrics I hold. 

You might be interested to explore my fabric collections through my Patreon, where I do a monthly video series "Fabric Collections & Inspirations". 

I don't want to send my chaire/chawan etc. in the post. 

And you don't have to! I have developed my measuring guides, which include diagrams, list of measurements and a video to guide you through the process of taking your own measurements for me to work from. Please send me pictures of your item so that I can send you the correct measuring guide or if I don't have your shape on file or it's a complex piece I will make a custom measuring guide especially for you. 

There are a few shapes / instances when I will need the actual piece but we can discuss this during your design consultation if that is the case. 

How long does it take?

The average lead time is three months from point of payment or when I receive your fabric. This accounts for items of work I have ahead of yours in the queue and my other commitments such as research etc. 

If you need your piece by a specific time or have a rush order, please be sure to let me know when we are discussing your item. For rush orders there may be an additional charge. 

How & when do I make payment?

Payment is made after our design consultation and before I add your items to my work queue. 

I am able to accept payment via direct transfer in multiple currencies through Wise. I am also able to accept card payments, crypto currency and offer split payment terms if needed. I do not generally accept PayPal due to the high fees. If PayPal is your only option then there will be an additional surcharge to cover fees. 

I will ask you about your preferred payment method when we discuss your order. 

Can I use my own fabric?

Yes of course, I frequently make pieces using a clients own fabric. Please send me pictures and we can discuss suitability during the design consultation. I can work with the vast majority of fabrics, however, there will be some that are more or less suited to certain items and others will require additional preparation and handling to be able to use them. As standard there is a £5 cutting charge per item on all clients own fabrics. If your fabric requires additional preparation or special handling there may be additional charges (i.e. lace, embroidered or handwoven fabrics)

What about meibutsu-gire?

I have a small but growing collection of meibutsu-gire fabrics available. Please ask and I'll send you an a PDF with information on what I have available. I have an excellent contact in Japan if you're looking to source a particular named fabric or would like to explore options. 

If you use a meibutsu-gire I will send you a copy of my research article on your chosen textile as and when I do the research. 

Can I visit the Studio in person?

Yes of course! You'd be most welcome and it's always a special treat to meet clients in person. I'd love to share tea with you in the Chashitsu whilst you're here too!

My studio is in my home in Aldershot, Hampshire, UK. I am a 5 minute walk from the train station with direct trains to London Waterloo in just 50mins. Please enquire and make a booking if you would like to visit. 

I am also in London from time to time so if you are visiting London and would like to meetup, bring your chaire/fabric with you etc then please feel free to message me and we'll see if we can arrange something. 

Can I donate fabrics to the Studio Shifuku collections?

Of course! Every now and then a client or instagram friend will message asking if they can send me some fabric (sometimes even whole kimono!) that they think I might like or that would be useful. I'm always happy to recieve such generous donations and it's lovely to have a story to tell someone in the future when they select that fabric for a piece. Please contact me to make arrangements. 

Restoration & repair

I sometimes get asked about repairing or restoring old or damaged shifuku. Especially when the himo or tsubari (stitch that holds the himo on) has broken. Each case is really individual and will depend on what has worn out, needs repair etc. Whilst it may look like a 'simple' repair it's often much more complex and may not be worth it or may risk further damage to the piece. Whilst I'm happy to look at your piece for you you please be aware that it may not be feasible to repair. Please send me clear and detailed pictures when enquiring. If, from pictures, I think it might be possible to repair it there is still the chance that once I can physically evaluate it in person, I may determine that repair is not in fact possible. Nine times out of ten it's better to keep the old one as a memento, part of the history and have a new shifuku made for regular use. 


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