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Shifuku - for a natsume


Shifuku for a natsume in straw, eggshell and cappuccino. The pattern is predominant on the side that would usually face guests, wrapping around the front and back. My stitched Kao is on the side that would not usually be seen by guest. The himo is in straw (yellow) with a single 'dot' in eggshell (white) running through it. The tsuyu has been finished with a gold wrapping thread and an extravagant, larger than usual tuft, balancing out the demure linen. The tsubari (gathering stitch) is in eggshell. It is lined with a blue silk which is shot with yellow. 

This would fit most standard sized natsume. 

Comes with a fabric storage pouch. A supportive padded filler is available if required (£10 extra) for storage/display. 

If you would like a shifuku for your own chaire/chaki, please see the listings below for "Shifuku - to commission" or get in touch. 

Note, the natsume used in the pictures is for display purposes only. 

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