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Exhibition at Postcard Teas

December 2023

My exhibition at Postcard Teas in London opens on Saturday 2nd December and runs until the 23rd December. I'll be there from 12-6 on Saturday the 2nd doing small demos during the afternoon as time allows. I'll be popping in over the course of the exhibition so if you're planning to visit, please do let me know and I'll try to be there too. 

The exhibition features two NEW shifuku lines, designed and created specially for Postcard Teas: Shifuku for Kaikado tea caddies (40g and 100g) and Shifuku for the Kanaami Tsuji circle tea infuser. I'll also be showing my Tartan line, my Cloud-Gire collection, no4. from Series G leather shifuku and a pieces from a new collaboration with Japanese potter Sasaki Shouraku IV. Also on display are my mould breaking and fashion inspired works which ask us to question how a shifuku is made and how it works with the object inside. A selection of non-shifuku items will also be available/on display including Kobukusa, Obukusa, Shino-bukuro and Sukiyabukuro. Works available to buy and by commission. 

Postcard Teas

9 Dering Street, 

New Bond Street, 



Monday to Saturday 12 to 6.30pm and @postcardteas

Located just off New Bond Street in London's Mayfair and close to both Bond Street and Oxford Circus Underground stations. 


Post Exhibition

Following the exhibition, a selection of the shifuku for Kaikado tea caddies and the Kanaami Tsuji Circle tea infuser remain on display and are available to purchase in the shop. Commissions are of course also welcomed, so if if there is a particular size or fabric that you would like for a Kaikado shifuku or Kanaami Tsuji Circle tea infuser shifuku, please do get in touch. 


If you missed the exhibition or are interested in my work and would like to see a copy of the exhibition catalogue please get in touch and I would be happy to send you a digital copy (or I might even have a few physical copies left which can be posted for a small fee)





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